What are Student Activities?
Do I have to pay to attend events?
How many programs do you have per week?
As a student, if I need an accommodation due to a disability, how do you work with me?
How can my student organization host a program in Clyde’s?
I am local/traveling performer (music, novelty, entertainment, etc.) and I am looking to perform at UCCS. How can I perform at UCCS?
What kind of events are available to me?
What types of programming do you have for commuter students? Non-traditional students?
Can commuter students attend these events or do you have to live on campus?
Where can I find out more information on programs and activities hosted by Student Life?
What are your traditional events?
What is NAQT?
What programs do you host on the weekends?
How may I work for the Student Activities Team?
Is there event parking?